Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Red Steel - Nintendo Wii - A Review

As most users of for streamyx combo Wii best internet provider tell you the interactive Wii remote with a nunchuck makes for a great gaming experience. Particularly if you are mimicking the slash of a sword or the swing of a bat. However the one thing that is difficult with the Wii remote is the difficultly in aiming the remote like a gun - this becomes particularly apparent in Red Steel. Holding the Wii remote in your hand in the traditional way means you hold it in an overhand grip and aim from the wrist. Not the P1 Wimax to do, especially in the game Red Steel. I haven't even finished the game because of this and a number of other fatal Cheap Adsl In particularly the graphics are very dark - maybe the game designers thought they were setting a mood, but when it becomes difficult to shoot at your enemies because you can't see them - then as a shoot them up this game fails in the most important aspect - playability. The game also gave me a head ache if I played it too long - a sure sign that the game was making too many demands on the eyes of the user.

You can over come the difficulty in aiming by buying the 'gun' setup accessory for your Wii which places your remote on the front of a "rifle" and the nunchuck on the back of the "rifle stock". I can't advise if the straight faster internet connection accessory will work and it doesn't have this option advertised on the cover.

The story line is pretty lame and heavily Japanese influenced. You are a security guard for a Yakuza crime lord's daughter and you end up being her new boyfriend (yeh right - like I could see that really happening - rich people don't marry the help!). While going to visit her daddy all hell breaks loose and you spend the rest of the game going from one dark and graphically unappealing place to another shooting nearly everything in site - it only gets interesting when you get to saw a sword. Shoot em up's like the classic medal of honor series leave this game for dead.

My advice don't waste your money on this one - its a lemon and on special for a reason.

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